As souls, we all have the desire to be of service.  Choosing Psychology as a discipline out of high school, I worked in mental health, addiction, and youth corrections while completing my degree at Acadia University in Nova Scotia.  Then in 2002, I joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, believing I could help people as a police officer.  By 2006, I was dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and decided to try yoga as part of my healing journey.  Less than 2 years later, I resigned from the policing path to share the tremendous healing benefits of yoga practice with others.

Since 2008, I have been a full-time yoga instructor in the Greater Vancouver Area of British Columbia, Canada.  I offer a lot of public hot yoga classes, and enjoy leading a fiery Vinyasa practice with or without a heated room.  I also love to offer more gentle, therapeutic sessions, and enjoy tailoring a practice to the specific needs of clients or groups.  I’ve been privileged to teach students from 5 to 85 years of age, from many different backgrounds, and with all levels of experience, trauma, and injuries.

As well as being devoted to the asana practice, I have been a humble student of the Bhakti tradition since 2008.  I aspire to offer my teachings, and my seva (volunteer activities) with devotion and love.  Chanting is part of my daily sadhana (spiritual practice).  To immerse myself in spiritual culture and society, I have been residing in Vrindavan, India (the place of Lord Krishna’s youthful pastimes) part-time since 2014.  As an animal activist, I combine my love of animals with my Bhakti practice by serving many stray cows, bulls, and dogs who reside on the sacred streets of Vrindavan.  Click below to read more about my story… 

“Leslie’s energy is vibrant, nurturing and inspiring to be around. In her classes I feel empowered, challenged, safe and encouraged. She is a virtuosic mover and shares her strength through her caring voice and wisdom. She is clear and patient when she teaches each movement. I always leave her classes sweaty and feeling strong and rejuvenated. Leslie is a master of her craft with a beautiful soul and gentle heart.” -Rachel Helten